Piano Studio


  • Payment is due by the 1st lesson of each month in monthly installments by checks (Sharon Lee Kim) or by PayPal (sharonyunlee@gmail.com).  A single payment plan due at the beginning of each semester can be arranged, if interested.
  • Annual Studio Fee A $100 non-refundable is due before the end of September.  This includes the tuition of all workshops and recital fees.
  • Performance is important in the growth of every student.  There are multiple performance opportunities for every student:  Studio Workshops: attendance and participation is highly encouraged.  There are only 3 workshops per academic year.  It is required that students attend a minimum of 1 workshop per academic year.  The Annual Winter Recital: attendance is mandatory and required.  Monthly CCMTAC County Recitals: by invitation only.
  • Make-up lessons are given only under these circumstances:  Any cancellation made by student: Minimum 1 week notice.  Cancellation due to student’s sickness: 24 hour notice by phone AND email.  If Sharon cancels, she must reschedule or reimburse the lesson.   If a lesson has not been canceled within the allotted time frame, the full lesson fee will be charged.  No exceptions will be made.
  • Termination of study:

Intention to withdraw from the studio must be submitted in writing.  One month prior notification is requested from the student to allow Sharon to accept and schedule in new students on the wait list.  In rare situations, a student who does not show commitment and progress will be asked to leave the studio.  One month prior notification will be given student/parent with written and/or verbal communication from Sharon to the family.



  • Repertoire: Basic elementary reading to advanced classical repertoire with emphasis on musicianship and musicality.  Some music history is taught to understand performance practice and repertoire.
  • Technique: Body posture, alignment, movement, form, natural weight, fingering, etc. Scales, arpeggios, blocked triads in all keys taught to intermediate and advanced students.
  • Ear Training: Awareness and understanding of pitches through ear training exercises, games, and singing along while playing the piano, as well as harmonization and dictation.
  • Theory: Beginning note-reading, music terminology, harmony, to advanced Roman-numeral analysis.  AP Theory concepts and curriculum are taught to advanced students.
  • Performance:
    • Quarterly Informal Studio Class Workshops are all on Saturdays: November 4, February 10, and May 19.
    • Annual Winter Formal Recital will take place on Sunday, March 18, 2018 @ 2:00pm.
    • CCMTAC Recitals: 10/15, 11/5, 1/21, 2/4, 3/4, 4/15, 5/20
  • Competition:  Advanced students looking for opportunities to compete, challenge, and refine their skills, musicianship, and training will be recommended for competition.  Participation in local competitions is not required.  This is by invitation only: A student must show maturity, determination, and skill.


Collaborative Pianist